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Longman Studios

Dedicated to Excellency and transcendence in photography services, Longman studios, a family-owned enterprise, is celebrating many years of experience in the photography business, in Sydney.


The Longman Studios is associated with few of industry’s best talented camera person, who are well aware of each and every aspect of photography and newest technology involve in it. At Longman Studios you will get all photography solutions at pocket suitable cost.

Harinder & Simran Wedding Highlights

Ravi & Edlyn Pre Wedding Highlights

Harinder & Amandeep Wedding Film

Akhil + Eriko Wedding ( Same Day Edit)

About Us

Longman Studios is a one-stop destination that brings art and technology, all under one roof Wedded to the premier heights of professionalism, we are the finest Indian wedding photographer in Sydney The backdrop, we offer is phenomenal and we can also recommend some stunning locations for the wedding photo shoots. We help you in managing people in large groups in a way that entertaining, simple and professional.

Wedding Photography

We have a team of professional Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Indian Wedding Photographer In Sydney and we know all the be-all and end-all of wedding ceremonies.

Birthday Photography

Our professional photographers capture every moment with outmost precision and craftsmanship so that the memories are cherished for the rest of the life.

Studio Photography

Longman studios is a sydney based impressionist photography Agency. We specialize in the craftsmanship of your cherished occasion into memories.


Cinematography is one of the ultimate effectual gizmo to cherish your life time memories like, wedding photography, birthday photography and studio photography.