We record the stories of your life's dearest ones, Never to be forgot !!!


Their memories will live on...Within the pages of the heart !!!!

Dedicated to Excellency and transcendence in photography services, Longman studios, a family-owned enterprise, is celebrating many years of experience in the photography business, in Sydney. We are a team of passionate photographers and gives utmost importance to creativity, Quality and service. We offer extraordinary services like photography and Videography and captures the event's best moments whether it’s with family members or with some red cherries or blue berries. Our Amazing, an expressive and spectacular portrait tells a story that is uniquely yours.

We are expertise in Wedding Photography and conduct ourselves especially for Indian and sub-continental such as Pakistani, Bangladeshi Wedding Photographer, Sri Lankan wedding photography. We make your wedding pictures becomes worth a thousand words. It feels like leaping into the air with a whoop of delight. The best part is that the image captured by us retains their strength and impact over the years regardless of the number of times they are viewed by family, friends and relatives.

Longman studios and Duggal Cinematography is brainchild of Monty A Duggal. As a wedding photographer & cinematographer, Monty A Duggal, is an exceptional talent, who is passionate about his work and with his clients. With overall experience of 22 years in Photography Industry Monty has successfully covered hundreds of weddings and gained terrific expertise on wedding photography & Video Filming. This man has very professional business skills with outgoing, soft and calm nature that makes him able to go with the flow of the day or take charge and organize things when you want him to. At Longman Studios, Our team's goal is to document the whole story of the day with images & video that is candid, beautiful and honest. We strive to capture the natural beauty in the most mundane, everyday moments. No glance is insignificant, no smile too common. These moments are the ones that tell the real story of your wedding day. Our ability to capture intimate moments in a beautiful and artistic way is what keeps him busy in capturing weddings. If you're looking for exceptional wedding photography, we hope you take some time to browse through & Check our Portfolio. This should give you an excellent view into the type of images & Motion Video's we create. And the creativity you find there will attest to the fact that Monty has no set formula for wedding photography and no limits on what a wedding photograph can be.

Every wedding is unique - the pictures should be too.

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